Japanese Language School
of Greater Cincinnati

Welcome to Japanese Language School of Greater Cincinnati


Here at Northern Kentucky University, we open our Saturday school 43 times a year. The school was founded in 1975 by a small group of Japanese parents who wished their children to learn Japanese Language & Culture in the States.


The current student enrollment is in an average of 200. Our school is organized in four divisions: preschool(4 years old) & kindergarten(5 years old), elementary(6-12 years old), middle(13-15 years old), and the high school(16-18 years old). In November, 2015, we will celebrated the 40th anniversary of the school. A commemorative ceremony was held solemnly to express our appreciation to the many groups of people who have organized the school systems and given sincere supports throughout the school history.


Our school curriculum is organized in order to expose our students to the three educational aspects: Japanese Language, Mathematics, and Social Studies. In addition, during the each school year, students are encouraged to participate into various school events, supported by the school board & PTA members. For our detailed school histories and statistical information, please visit the school facts.


Also, please don't forget to see References to help you to understand Japanese educational systems, customs and cultures. Also, in our school photo gallery, you can view the snap shots of our school activities.

Japanese Language School Notification

10/12/2019(Sat) Open House for Educators was held, thank you for many visitors!
11/19/2019(Tue) Japanese Culture Festival was held, thank you for many visitors!!