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Pre-K & Kindergarten

We have 2 grades of kindergartens classes: Nen-chu (4 yrs old) & Nen-cho (5 yrs old).Photo is the Nen-chu students.

Elementary School

We have 6 grades in elementary. This is third grade.

Middle School

There are three grades in the middle school. The photo is the 8th grade.

High School

The high school has three grades. This is commonly known as the 12th grade in the US.

Annual School Events

--- Experience in the Japanese Culture ---

"The Sports Day" (Athletic game tournaments)

All the students and teachers will be in either RED or WHITE team. Through the program, there are a series of games to score points as the team. At the end of the program, each score is added up and only one team RED or WHITE will win the trophy. Under the clear sky and the bright sun shine of the early summer, all the students, teachers, and parents will experience the excitement of this unique event. This is one of the most popular summer school events throughout Japan.

"The Star Festival"

This event is a historically an authentic summer festival in Japan. Boys & girls write their wishes on a strip of Tanzaku paper, and then clip it onto the bamboo tree. Then, it is believed that those wishes will be granted.

"Safety Drill"

In case of emergency situation, the whole school will necessary be prepared in order to protect the safety of students. This annual program has been educating the students on how to proceed in emergency situations, such as Tornado, Fire, and others.

Behind-the Scenes

A regular school board meeting, along with PTA members, is organized every month and as needed basis. The goal of these in-school organizations is to improve & maintain the school education & safety for school students and the families. All the school related issues and solutions are discussed, in accordance with the school policy.

School Library

Over 5,000 Japanese books and video tapes are ready for rentals every Saturday. Students are always happy that they can read the Japanese books. This is our one of our most important facilities for our students, which encourages their reading skills and learning conductivities. Thanks to our PTA volunteers, the bookcases are always well organized and maintained for faster services.